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Kynzer's story
by Anita

My name is Anita...I have a wonderful husband of 15 years named Nick and we have 2 children...Heath is 12 years old and Kynzer is 3.

Kynzer is my problem child so to speak. He was born at 27 weeks so he had alot of preemie issues the most severe being his grade III IVH and needing a shunt. He also has spastic diplegic CP.....and now the hip problems.

Our PT told us when Kynzer was less than a yer old that something was wrong...but we couldn't get the ortho doctors to listen. We took him every 6 months for his checkups..but they would X-Ray...say things looked OK and come back in 6 months.

I could even look at Kynzer and see that his legs weren't even....and something way wrong...but these were the specialist right???

So this past August I took him to Shriner's in Shreveport because I was just tired of fooling with the people in New Orleans and wasting our time and money. As soon as the Doctor saw Kynzer's X-Rays...even before he saw Kynzer...he said something is wrong with his hips!! He needs MRI!!

So we got that done after 3 tries...he refused to go to sleep with the cloral hydrate the first two times and had to go in thru the surgery center and be put all the way under...anyways...the radiologist says congential hip dyplasia...which means it's been there all along!!! Just like we said!!

The actual films are on their way to Shreveport and will get there today or tomorrow and we'll hear from the doctor before the week is out. I am so upset though that this was just blown off by the doctor for 3 yrs!!

Kynzer has to walk with a walker...but how much of his trouble is CP and how much is the hip that could have been possibly fixed a long time ago with just a brace??

I don't even know if the past othro doctor is still in New Orleans since the hurricane...but I plan to contact her and tell her a thing or two...not that it will do any good...but it might make her take more time with the next patient. Or it might just make me feel a little better.

After reading I can see where the hip problem came water broke completely at 21 from 21-27 weeks Kynzer had no water to move around I'm sure thats what caused the hip problems...but why didn't they pick up on it sooner?

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