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Below are many sites which offer information on DDH. So instead of trying to paraphrase from each site and risk leaving out info which may be useful to you, I have provided links to the best of the sites.

I have grouped the sites under various sub-headings to help you find the most suitable information without having to look at them all.


Glossary of commonly used terms.

Hip Baby. The best source of parent friendly, easy to understand information on diagnosis, treatment and practical tips.
Causes, diagrams, general overviews of treatment. Orthoseek website, Wheaton Resource Group (the makers of the Wheaton-Pavlik harness).
A bit more detail, still easy to read. From the website of Pediatric Orthopedics, Overlook Hospital, New York City, USA.
Wheeless' Textbook of Orthopaedics. Everything to do with hips! Very detailed. This is the premier reference material for most orthopaedic specialists.


Learn all you can about hips here. It is vital that you understand the technical terms and function of the hips. From the website of Pediatric Orthopedics.
Degrees of dysplasia -closed reduction/Pavlik harness. From Orthoseek.
Traction/joint reduction.   Mainly for Legge-Perthes Disease, but relevant to hip Dysplasia. Taken from the Children's and Women's Health Centre of British Colombia website.
Hip Spicas. From the website of the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.
Osteotomies. In depth explanations and diagrams for a wide variety of osteotomies used in DDH -be sure to explore all the links on the left. From the website of Pediatric Orthopedics.
For femoral osteotomies, follow this link. From the website of the Mater Children's Hospital.
Orthotics for leg length discrepancy. From the Clearly Adjustable orthotics website. As your hip kid grows, a leg length discrepency may become evident -Cassidy was treated for this with an orthotic insert in one shoe.
A surgical procedure to correct leg length discrepency. From the Institute of Child Health website. If your child has an 'LLD' (Leg Length Discrepency) and is still growing, then 'Epiphysiodesis' may be one procedure suggested. Cassy had this surgery in April 2005. Other treatments are outlined on the Orthoseek website.
Avascular Necrosis. Unfortunately, this condition can sometimes develop after treatment, particularly if a reduction is performed.