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Carter's Story
by Mandy

I wanted to introduce myself and tell a little about my family. My name is Mandy and I'm 28. I was diagnosed with bilateral congenital hip dislocation when I was 6 mo. old. It was corrected through traction, surgery (open reduction) spica casts (6months) and braces, - I started walking at 16 months of age - Since then I've really had no problems related to my hips - I even earned a black belt in karate back in my old high school days.
My son Carter will be 4 in August and was also born with his hips disolocated - although it took A LOT of nagging and went through 4 doctors till they finally realized he had his hips out of place.
We started out at Children's Hospital but got a second opinion at Mayo Clinic and that is where he underwent corrective surgery.
They tried a closed reduction but his hips wouldn't stay in place so he had an open reduction, spica cast for 9 weeks (a week for each month old he was) and a rhino brace for 3 mo. He started walking at 16 months and since then has done pretty well.
He is having problems with swinging his legs out below the knees when he walks and seems to get tired out easily - I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if they had to have something done or they just grew out of it.
Thanks for listening.
Mandy -mom to 4 kidos

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