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Dusty, Amy and Chantel's story
by Tracie

Our first child Chantel was born in 1989 with what they called CDH, her left hip was dislocatable and right sublaxable. She was fitted with a Dennis Browne splint at 4 days old, it was removed when she was 3 months old. She has had no ongoing problems.
Then in 1995 our third child/second daughter Amy was born and diagnosed with both hips dislocatable, she also had the Dennis Browne splint but at 3 month check-up all was not right and had to have it for another 6 weeks. She also has no ongoing problems.
Then in April 2006 our third daughter/6th child Dusty Rose was born with DDH, left hip dislocatable right sublaxable, she was also fitted with the Dennis Browne splint, it was removed at 3 months, then at 9 months we went for a check-up with the orthos at WCH only to be informed that the right hip ball didn't look central in the socket so they put her back into the Dennis Browne(much to my dismay) for 3 months.
We recently (last month) went back for her check-up only to be told that while it had improved it still wasn't central and would need the splint for another 3 months.
The splint has not held her back developmentally as she started to crawl 1 week after having it put on at 9 months and now she is 1 and will stand on her own and walks holding 1 hand. Hopefully when we go back in 2 months we have the results we are waiting for(fingers crossed).

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