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Telina's story
by Venita

Hi my name is Venita Weatherill and my daughter Telina Anderson was diagnosed at one with a left dislocated hip. We noticed it when she started to walk -it was not picked up with her usual hip checks with the clinic nurse or with her doctors appointments.

We went to our local hospital for an Xray to confirm it was dislocated. We live in Smithton Tasmania. We were sent to Burnie to see a specilist whom told us he couldn't treat her or operate on her due to her age, he sent us on to another specilist in Hobart whom came from Melbourne. He then told us we had to fly to Melbourne for her op. At this stage they put us on a waiting list which took nine months.
We got to Melbourne Royal childrens when she was days from her second birthday. She had her op and was put in this ugly hip spica which we coloured purple to just be different. She had this spica on for 3 months then we came back again for a change. She didn't like her new spica at all.
We then had this one removed four months later at Launceston Hospital and seen her specilist there. She then was put in a dbar brace for 6 months then they changed to a hippo brace which they said she could learn to walk in this which I thought would not happen due to being spread so wide, she eventually learnt to stand but not walk in it.
We have had no bracing for 12 months now she is walking with a limp, her left leg measure 51/2 inches longer than her other one, and her hip joint is very stiff. We are about to venture back to Melbourne any time now to go under and have a look he said to see why her hip is so stiff.
I will keep you informed of what happens next (on the Support Group).
Telina is now four I hope they can fix this problem she starts school next year and I want her to walk into school at least and play sports.

Bye for now,

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